How to order pictures

1. I received a password, how do I use it ?

In the menu, click on [Customer Login] and fill in your password. You will directly access your personal album. Now you can view and order you favourite photos.

2. Where can I see my order status ?

After your first order, you will receive a confirmation email that contains details about that order and your login information including a password. Now you can login at [Customer Login]. This time us the "Already a customer" box. You can follow there the payment, production and delivery status of your order.

3. I lost my password, can I still order online?

Sure! Just email us the name of your child, his/her nursery or school's name and his/her class and we will send you your password back.

4. How long does the delivery take ?

For orders with free delivery at school, it will take up to two weeks after the deadline. Any late orders will take up 3/4 weeks depending on the time of year. 

5. Will the watermark be removed from the photos that I order ?

Of course! Watermarks are only to prevent unauthorised downloads and screenshots.

6. What level of quality should I expect from the prints, posters, gifts ?

We only use high-quality materials from renown providers, and don't compromise on quality.


7. We received several passwords – can we group the orders to save money on shipping costs ?

Yes! Process as follows: Log in with the first password you received. Click again on Password-login and type in the next password, etc. You will then be granted access to all the photos.

8. Can I adjust the cropping ?

Yes. You will be able to do it in the basket unless the photo is part of a pack. When reducing the frame, the cropped section will be enlarged. Please mind the stars that indicate if the resolution of the photos is enough for the enlargment.

9. Can I order more than one picture at once ?

Yes. Mark the pictures on your wishlist by clicking "Remember". Click [View wish list] in the top menu and then click "Order these X photos". You can select a product for each picture afterwards.

10. Can I change the products in the basket ?

Yes. You can choose/modify each photo product in the basket.

11. I don't buy online very often – how can I order photos here ?

Choose a photo that you like in an album and click "Order Photo". Then you can choose a product of your choice, give the number of products you want and click "Add to basket". Once you have placed all the photos you wanted in the basket, click [Basket] up right and follow the steps.